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Secrets Of Gemstones
Extract from 'Secrets Of Gemstones' latest edition
This exclusive Living Designs guide has over 240 varieties listed!
The new edition covers the folklore and legends of the most popular crystals and gemstones.

The notes for each stone are completely revised to include ancient and modern beliefs world-wide and are shown as a mythological record only for interest and information. If you suffer from any ailment you should seek qualified medical advice -see a doctor. Also remember that some stones look like sweets or candy so please take extra care with children.
(c)Living Designs 2000, 2001, 2002,2003, 2004, 2005,2010
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ABALONE Confidence Spirituality Heart, Muscles, Digestion
ACTINOLITE Responsibility Industry Inflammations, Liver
AGATE Competition Eloquence Fevers, Gums, Circulation Aids competitors in all sporting events, particularly athletes. Also assists eloquence and writing.
AGATE BLUELACE Composure Growth Infections, Inflammations, Fevers A stone bestowing calmness on the wearer, removing anger and irritation in its presence
AGATE BOTSWANA Understanding Recovery Toxins, Recuperation, Heart
AGATE DENDRITIC Energy Balance Recuperation, Vitality
AGATE GREYLACE Energy Balance Recuperation, Vitality
AGATE MOSS Renewal Assertiveness Heart, Lungs, Skin
AGATE TREE Co-ordination Management Chest/stomach
ALBITE see Moonstone
ALEXANDRITE Growth Investment Nerves
ALLOPHANE Balance Sociability Glands, Eyes
ALMANDINE Affection Inspiration Heart, Eyes
AMAZONITE Clarity Insight Nerves, Emotions, Growth A talisman for students and scholars, it assists clarity of thought and insight. It is said that teachers favour work submitted by the wearer.
AMBER Career Accomplishment Chest, Depression Uplifting, relieving worries and stress and imparting fresh optimism. Protects against radiations from equipment and machines.
AMESITE Intuition Fortune Energy, Recuperation
AMETHYST Moderation Devotion Insomnia, Addictions, Neuralgia, Acne One of the most favoured gemstones, it imparts peace and tranquility and ‘softens’ any negative feelings. Also reduces electrical energies and ideal to place near computers, TVs, Kitchen and other appliances.
AMETRINE Resolution Teaching Teeth, Metabolism
ANDALUSITE Moderation Enlightenment Memory, Sight
ANGELITE Bravery Fortune Headaches, Infections An excellent stone for balancing the emotions, enhancing communication and overcoming challenges. Helps protect against worries.
ANHYDRITE Co-ordination Concentration Lungs, Chest
ANTIMONY Intellect Progress Colds, Flu, Swellings
APACHE TEARS Forgiveness Consolation Toxins, Cramps
APATITE Emotions Business Speech, Bones
APOPHYLLITE Tranquility Honesty Respiration, Skin
AQUA AURA Influence Arts Dexterity, Throat, Healing
AQUAMARINE Insight Love Growth, Allergies Calms the nerves and strengthens the cleansing of the body.
ARAGONITE Energy Activity Bones, Digestion
ASTROPHYLLITE Confidence Insight Recovery, Reproductive, Intellect
AUGELITE Contemplation Justice Muscles, Digestion
AVENTURINE Development Judgement Eyes, Migraine, Tension, Insomnia Assists the development of mental abilities and also stimulates healthy growth. It is also helpful to competitors to enhance their judgement and calmness during games.
AZURITE Meditation Spirituality Suppleness, Liver
BARITE (Baryte) Decisiveness Writing Muscles
BERYL Determination Stability Nerves, Stress
BISMUTH Teamwork Learning Fevers, Recovery
BLOODSTONE Kindness Nature Blood Toxins, Depression, Spine A variety of Jasper, this stone is primarily associated with the bloodstream. It encourages acts of kindness and charity
BLUE JOHN Strength Renewal Vigour, health, Well-being
BORNITE see Peacock Ore
BOUSSINGAULTITE Inspiration, Understanding Energy, Strength
BOWENITE Intelligence Leisure Head/scalp, Tension
BRAUNITE Stability Fortitude Breathing, Chest
BRAZILIANITE Sociability Relationships Nerves, Skin
CALCITE Comfort Inspiration Cleansing, Bladder, Pancreas, Toxins Provides comfort and consolation for those in emotional crises. It refreshes the system and gives new inspiration when you are a little ‘down’.
CALCITE CLEAR/PINK Calmness Balance Stress, Nerves, Pain
CALCITE MANGANO Love Understanding Sickness, Fevers
CARNELIAN Passion Focus Arthritis, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Cuts Favoured by romantics to enhance sexual energy. It also assists concentration and motivation. Benefits all aspects of the bloodstream.
CASSITERITE Endurance Contentment Cuts, Bruises, Menopause
CATS EYE Insight Security Headaches, Fingers
CAVANSITE Intuition Reflection Protection (disease)
CELESTITE Relaxation Sympathy Travel Sickness, Nerves, Stress This tranquil, cool stone exudes soothing energy. Ideal for meditation or just to ‘turn off’ the noise and friction of the world. Enhances emotional protection and good for anyone prone to undue worrying.
CERRUSITE Confidence Communication Antivirus, Insomnia, Nerves
CHALCEDONY Stamina Refinement Tiredness, Depression, Circulation Agate, Carnelian and Jasper are part of the Chalcedony family and this stone includes qualities from each of these. Therefore an excellent stone to improve and refine the character, opening new horizons in the arts, relationships, family togetherness etc.
CHALCOPYRITE Perception Restoration Lungs, Hair
CHAROITE Assertiveness Inspiration Nerves, Cramps
CHIASTOLITE Application Stability Rheumatism, Veins
CHRYSOCOLLA Awareness Expression Heart, Stomach, Blood Aids expression and comprehension of concepts and complexities and so well suited to those involved with science and engineering. Also a stone for all aspects of the heart
CHRYSOPRASE Passion Renewal Fertility, Ardour, Genital A stone to refresh and add vigour and fire to physical love, particularly for women but also effective for men. (Keep this stone out of direct sunlight to keep colour)
CHRYSOTILE Partnerships Generosity Veins, Arteries, Skin, Lungs
CINNABAR Stability Independence Appetite, Heart
CITRINE Renewal Cleansing Skin, Diabetes, Circulation The positive influences and vitality of this stone helps with anxieties, depression and stomach tension. It helps those who are mentally ‘lost’ and seek a new purpose and direction. Leaving it under the pillow at night gives pleasant dreams.
COLEMANITE Erudition Loyalty Lungs, Muscles
CONICHALCITE Communication Imagination Toxins
COPPER Vitality Purification Blood, Muscles, Joints Full of vitality and energy, it can amplify the feelings of the wearer. Close to the skin it is reputed to assist arthritis, rheumatism and inflammations.
CORAL Integrity Travel Chest, Creativity
CORUNDUM Awareness Confidence Skin, Eyes
COVELLITE Communication Renewal Ears, Nose, Mouth, Tonic
CROCOITE Application Industry Sex organs
CUPRITE Awareness Teaching Circulation, Bladder
DANBURITE Sociability Confidence Weight gain, Muscles
DATOLITE Clarity Concentration Nerves, Mind
DESERT ROSE Perception Commerce Stress, Recuperation
DIAMOND Prosperity Business Well-Being, Senses
DIOPSIDE Love Commitment Heart, Lungs, Circulation, Trauma
DIOPTASE Meditation Partnerships Stress, Headaches
DOLOMITE Optimism Sports Limbs, Blood
DRAVITE Attraction Popularity Senses, Bloodstream
DUMORTIERITE Patience Medical Skin, Sickness
ILAT STONE Spirituality Balance Vitality, Well-being
EMERALD Intellect Prosperity Headaches, Infections
EPIDOTE Relaxation Sociability Thyroid, Skin
ERYTHRITE Serenity Mediation Infections, Skin
EUDIALITE Management Recovery Sex organs, Vitality
FLINT Abstinence Science Constitution, Cleansing
FLUORITE Caring Constitution Bones, Teeth, Inflammations Strengthens the constitution, particularly the bone structure and teeth. It closely relates to those engaged in caring, nursing or healing, imparting a placid and restorative quality.
FOOLS GOLD see Pyrites
FOSSILISED WOOD Nature Stability Nerves, Sharing
FRANKLINITE Imagination Security Eyes, Hair
FUCHSITE Productivity Teamwork Arteries, Constitution
FULGURITE Leadership Control Muscles, Immune system
GALENA Dedication Medical Insomnia
GARNET Charm Creativity Tonic, Anaemia, Infections, Insomnia Used by travellers as an amulet, particularly for night travel. A stimulus to painting, sculpture, writing and other creative work. It is also worn to attract lovers.
GOETHITE Perseverance Competing Nerves
GOLD Generosity Partnerships Confidence
GOLDSTONE Optimism Development Stomach, Tension
GRANITE Stability Determination Skin, Hearing
GRAPHITE Assertiveness Achievement Hearing, Spine
GYPSUM Insight Assurance Body Tissue, Reproductive
HAEMATITE Activity Stamina Tiredness, Travel Stress, Eyes, Blood Alleviates travel tiredness and stress, particularly for air journeys. It provides extra energy, courage and endurance.
HAWKS EYE Confidence Intellect Nerves, Body Tissue
HELIODOR see Beryl
HELIOTROPE see Bloodstone
HERDERITE Exploration Leadership Passion
HERKIMER DIAMOND Stamina Learning Energy, Vigour A special clear quartz, favoured as a strong stone for opening the mind to new understanding and learning (education etc). Increases the power of other stones. Also for good dreams.
HEULANDITE Receptiveness, Balance Feet, Respiration
HICKORYITE Adventure Flair Boredom, Negativity, Imagination An uncommon stone, popular in SW America. Brings new ideas and flair to artists, designers and anyone who needs a boost to innovative thinking.
HIDDENITE see Kunzite
HORNBLENDE Wisdom Communication Balance, Toes, Fingers
HOWLITE Resilience Competing Bones, Teeth
ICELANDSPAR Awareness Friendship Toxins, Bones
ILVAITE Renewal Patience Liver, Stomach
IOLITE Control Management Chest, Addiction
IRNAMITE Emotions Judgement Strains, Muscles
JADE Benevolence Providence Kidneys, Bladder, Digestion, Eyes Renowned as a talisman in many countries, it is used as an amulet to ensure safe travel and to protect against risks and negative people. Also attracts friendships, promotes long life and encourages prosperity.
JASPER Attraction Comfort Nerves, Biliousness, Blood, Digestion A soothing stone which is excellent as a long-term help for all areas of general health, energy, emotions and intellect. It works slowly and should be kept as a constant companion. Works well with all other stones.
JASPER FANCY Consolation Bravery Heart, Nervousness
JASPER LEOPARDSKIN Safety Focus Glands, Eyes
JASPER OCEAN Assurance Calmness Toxins, Fevers
JASPER YELLOW Endurance Protection Stomach, Liver
KAMMERITE Activity Flexibility Genitals, Joints
JET Sympathy Healing Migraine, Negativity
KUNZITE Vigour Emotions Skin, Heart Provides protection and support for the emotions. Also helps with the circulation. Hiddenite is a variety.
KYANITE Energy Finance Hearing, Dexterity
LABRADORITE Charisma Relationships Arguments, Inhibitions, Feet Remarkable for it’s ice-blue ‘lights’ this stone is now very popular. It brings out the hidden qualities in the personality, making the wearer more attractive to others for friendships and partners. In business, improves rapport with colleagues and customers.
LAPIS LAZULI Mysticism Spirituality Bones, Heart, Eyes Regarded as a ‘heavenly’ stone in ancient times for its apparent unearthly quality. It completely refreshes the spirit and creates a pure, ethical atmosphere. Placed in a room, it can fill the area with its qualities.
LARIMAR Rapport Mediation Breathing, Neck
LAVAKITE Learning Achievement Brain, Adaptability
LAZULITE Purity Serenity Sunburn, Teeth
LEPIDOLITE Restoration Balance Nerves, Pessimism, Insomnia A most relaxing stone, bringing new optimism and balance at times of worry and self criticism. Inspires self-love and untroubled sleep.
LEUCITE Clarity Energy Nerves, Protection
LODESTONE Communication Teamwork Circulation, Glands
MAGNETITE Composure Learning Heart
MAGNESITE Enlightenment Emotions Fevers, Bones
MALACHITE Optimism Recovery Rheumatism, Asthma, Menstrual, Teeth Raises the spirits, clarifies problems and gives fresh optimism. It is also reputed to bring prosperity in business and trade and helps to ‘turn things round’ when all is not well.
MARBLE Compassion Care Fevers, Renewal
MARCASITE Ambition Rapport Circulation, Brain, Eyes
METEORITE Benevolence Adventure Communication, Intuition
MICA Self Reflection Understanding Recovery, Teeth
MOLDAVITE Sensitivity Insight Hair, Fertility, Renewal
MOOKAITE Responsibility Machinery Stable Health
MOONSTONE Femininity Devotion Dieting, Swellings, PMT A symbol of female power, the stone attracts lovers and romance, promotes fidelity in a partner and emphasises female attributes. It enhances beauty and bestows a long and healthy life.
MOQUI MARBLES© Protection Partnerships Muscles, Veins, Arteries
MORGANITE Intellect Commerce Hearing, Vertigo
MOSS AGATE Identity Meditation Lungs, Glands
MOTHER OF PEARL Providence Modelling Skin, Emotions
MTOROLITE Serenity Capability Nerves, Backache
MUSCOVITE Inspiration Speech Muscles, Energy
OAKSTONE Endurance Stability Muscles
OBSIDIAN Achievement Perception Stomach, Digestion, Stress A stone of achievement for those working to a goal in their life. It creates positive influences to overcome problems. and provides inner tranquility to ease stress symptoms. An excellent general healer.
OKENITE Forgiveness Purity Bloodstream
OLIVINE see Peridot
ONYX Harmony Spirituality Hearing, Ulcers, Heart Intensifying devotion and contemplation, it was used in rosaries. A ‘get away from it all’ stone which allows peace of mind and pleasant reflection. It associates with music, benefiting both composers and listeners.
OPAL Attraction Theatre Chest, Creativity
OPALITE Invention Management Fatigue
PAUA SHELL Versatility Humour Tension, Depression
PEACOCK ORE (Bornite) Charm Entertainment Eyes, Brain
PEARL Assurance Painting Tonic, Headaches, Tension
PEARLSPAR see Lavakite
PERIDOT General Career Whole body, Metabolism
PETRIFIED WOOD Transforming Renewal Hearing, Cultivation
PHENACITE Intellect Insight Stomach, Limbs
PIETERSITE Organisation Objectivity Respiration, Sleep
PREHNITE Confidence Business Mental Energy, Slimming
PURPURITE Leadership Prosperity Finances, Wounds
PYRITES Awareness Honesty Vitality, Recuperation
PYROPE see Garnet
QUARTZ CLEAR Purification Refinement General, Vertigo, Dizziness Perhaps the most popular of all stones, it is used by healers for all purposes. It purifies the air and the body, cleansing the system and clearing the mind. Favoured by mystics throughout the centuries.
QUARTZ ROSE Love Forgiveness Migraine, Headache, Wounds The stone of peace and goodwill. It is closely associated with Venus, giving joy and happiness in friendship and love. The wearer also ‘feels good’ and radiates forgiveness and rapport.
QUARTZ RUTILATED Passion Contact Anxiety
QUARTZ SMOKY Vitality Fortune Depression, Abdomen, Spine Often a good luck talisman for competitors, protecting and encouraging. It provides energy and fortitude and gives new heart to those in difficulty. A stone to re-awaken the dormant ‘inner you’.
QUARTZ SNOW Relaxation Serenity Stress, Nerves,Therapy A very ‘soft’ stone, exuding tranquility and quietness. For those seeking a calm serenity. It is ideal for meditation and its mellow nature inspires spiritual and devotional qualities. Also called Milky Quartz.
RHODOCHROSITE Friendship Love Insecurity, Eyes, Solitude A really comforting stone restoring self belief, attracting new love, enhancing trust and loyalty between partners and also assisting the career by self development. Protects against worries.
RHODONITE Communication Restoration Recuperation, Hearing, Amnesia Helps recuperation after a misfortune, rebuilding and restoring. It also assists communication of the written and spoken word and is suited to those involved in the areas of language and the media.
RHODOLITE Stability Resolution Digestion, Glands
RHYOLITE Stamina Marketing Chills, Skin
RICHTERITE Fortitude Relaxation Circulation, Glands
RUBELLITE Prosperity Recovery Heart, Backache
RUBY Contentment Fortune Circulation, Fevers
RUBY ZOISITE see Zoisite
RUTILE Intellect Awareness Skin, Hair
SAPPHIRE Love Partnership Sleep, Depression
SARDONYX Forgiveness Care Neck, Hearing
SATINSPAR (Selenite) Insight Calm Disputes, Anger, Spine Ideal for a family or meeting area giving a tranquil feel to the location to minimise aggression and impart cordiality. When worn or carried by a person the stone helps in all physical activities.
SCAPOLITE Achievement Strength Athleticism, Veins
SCHALENBLENDE Fortune Identity Muscles, Eyes
SCHEELITE Awareness Relationships Colds, Recovery
SCHORL Practicality Balance Liver, Intestines
SEFTONITE Relationships Learning Circulation
SELENITE see Satinspar
SERAPHINITE Intuition Kindness Higher energies
SERPENTINE Meditation Enlightenment Stomach, PMT
SHATTUCKITE Renewal Reconciliation Depression, Throat
SHIVA LINGHAM Energy Wisdom Fertility, Balance Found only in riverbed in Mandhata mountains (one of 7 sacred places in India) and shaped. Powerful energy and said to have one of highest vibrations of all stones. This stone is featured in ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’ film.
SIDERITE Intellect Loyalty Bones Hands
SILICON Activity Attraction Vitality, Muscles
SILVER Perception Investment Recovery
SKUTTERUDITE Contact Psychic Limbs
SMITHSONITE Consideration Harmony Vitality, Digestion
SOAPSTONE Loyalty Cultivation Back
SODALITE Meditation Assertion Blood Pressure, Sleep, Chest Gives confidence to those who are shy or introvert, allowing assurance and free expression when with others. It is therefore particularly suited to teachers, actors and performers. Also a meditation stone. Can be used on computers and TVs to absorb emissions.
SPECTROLITE see Labradorite
SPESSARTINE Renewal Confidence Vitamin deficiencies
SPHALERITE Integrity Career Nerves, Eyes
SPINEL Energy Intellect Stress, Depression, Skin, Slimming
SPIRIT STONES Vitality Awareness Energy, Cleansing
STAUROLITE Focus Personality Spine, Whole Body, Forgetfulness Sometimes known as ‘Fairy Cross’ it represents the four elements, ‘bringing everything together’. It gives a focus and understanding to life and nature, thus helping in education and related areas.
STEATITE Adventure Communication Digestion, Tendons
STIBNITE Persistence Loyalty Stomach, Muscles
STICHTITE Loyalty Creativity Muscles, Chest
STILBITE Creativity Understanding Toxins, Sensory organs
SUGILITE Inspiration Co-ordination Headaches, Inflammations, Toxins Frequently used by healers to draw out pain and make aggressive feelings subside. Brings peace of mind and new spirit allowing inspired thoughts and actions.
SULPHUR Intellect Protection Skin, Digestion, Arthritis, Rheumatism
SUNSTONE Insight Travel Eyes, Depression
TANZANITE Vitality Athletics Bones, Worries
TALC Affinity Modesty Cleansing, Restoration
TEKTITE Fortitude Musicianship Memory, Study
THULITE Dexterity Meditation Hands Tendons Concentration Brings the mind and body together clear the mind and enhance dexterity and speed of movement. Good for craftspeople, artists and anyone involved in detailed work.
TIGER IRON Clarity Endurance Movement, Vigour
TIGERS EYE Insight Integrity Hypochondria, Asthma, Limbs The changing hues of this stone indicate its quality of insight, to look beneath the surface and reveal the truth. It is allied to good fortune and bravery and used as a talisman to overcome deceit and duplicity.
TITANITE Calmness Judgement Mouth, Gums
TOPAZ Assurance Legal Infections, Appetite
TOURMALINE Confidence Success General Healing, Good Fortune
TURQUENITE Industry Business Skin
TURQUOISE Environment Comfort Respiration, Recuperation, Throat This stone expands friendships and protects the domestic environment. It is also favoured for its recuperative power. Left in a room, it can purify the atmosphere and spread tranquillity and comfort.
ULEXITE Contentment Industry Teeth, Worries
UNAKITE Stability Enhancement Muscles, Back-Ache, Feet Gives strength and stability, both physical and mental for those times when everything gets ‘too much’ and a firm base is needed. A foundation stone which can enhance the effect of other stones kept with it.
UVAROVITE Vitality Joy Vitality, Throat
VANADINITE Sociability Friendship Lungs, Stomach
VARISCITE Meditation Writing Growth, Digestion
VERDITE Friendship Partnerships Nerves
VESUVIANITE Intuition Partnership Dieting, Depression
VIOLAN Insight Vitality Muscles, Genitals
WAVELLITE Control Management Inner self
WILLIAMSITE Tranquility Candour Lungs, inflammations
WOLLASTONITE Moderation Grounding Bones, Glands
WULFENITE Relationships Invigoration Female reproductive, digestion
ZEOLITE Independence Clarity Addictions, Toxins
ZINC Joy Loyalty Muscles, Bones
ZIRCON Clarity Teaching Insomnia, PMT
ZOISITE Attraction Entertainment Fingers, Fertility

Zodiac Stones
A fully revised and updated list. There are thousands of crystal varieties and each can be associated with one or more zodiac signs. This list is therefore by no means comprehensive!
ARIES MAR 21 - APR 20 Citrine Agate Aventurine Bloodstone Jade
TAURUS APR 21 - MAY 21 Jasper Bloodstone Carnelian Jade Satinspar
GEMINI MAY 22 - JUN 21 Aventurine Unakite Agate Citrine Apatite
CANCER JUN 22 - JUL 22 Chalcedony Haematite Sodalite Moonstone Carnelian
LEO JUL 23 - AUG 23 Labradorite Amazonite Carnelian Jasper Bloodstone
VIRGO AUG 24 - SEP 22 Amethyst Jade Amazonite Carnelian Jasper
LIBRA SEP 23 - OCT 23 Moonstone Chrysoprase Amethyst Bluelace Agate Sodalite
SCORPIO OCT 24 - NOV 22 Tigers Eye Amethyst Jasper Unakite Moonstone
SAGITTARIUS NOV 23 - DEC 21 Sodalite Obsidian Smokey Quartz Chalcedony Aventurine
CAPRICORN DEC 22 - JAN 20 Smokey Quartz Opalite Amethyst Aragonite Tigers Eye
AQUARIUS JAN 21 - FEB 18 Rhodonite Rhyolite Garnet Amethyst Aventurine
PISCES FEB 19 - MAR 20 Turquoise Bluelace Agate Calcite Carnelian Amethyst

The notes for each stone are completely revised to include ancient and modern beliefs world-wide and are shown as a mythological record only for interest and information. If you suffer from any ailment you should see a doctor ! Also remember that some stones look like sweets or candy so please take extra care with children. (c)Living Designs 2000, 2001, 2002,2003, 2004, 2005, 2006,2007,2009